How to setup Custom Nameservers

In some cases you will need to create your own nameservers. This guide will explain how to do this from your client area.


When you are logged in and looking at your client area, click on the "Domains" button.

After clicking on "Domains" you will want to navigate to the settings button. This button will resemble a wrench.

On the Settings page, observe the menu bar to the left side of the screen. Click on the "Private Nameservers" button.


From the Private Namesrevers screen, you should see an area in the body section that is titled "Register Nameservers"

From there you will want to input your customer nameservers like ns1/ and the corresponding IP addresses. You may also delete old nameservers that you no longer need.


Please feel free to contact support by phone, ticket, or live chat if you have any questions.


***Replace XX.XX.XX.XX and with your domain name and IP addressess***

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