BoxTrapper filters spam from your inbox through challenge-response verification. When an account that has BoxTrapper enabled receives an email, BoxTrapper automatically sends a verification email in response. The sender must complete the verification process before the email can pass to your inbox. If the sender does not verify the email, the verification fails and BoxTrapper never clears the message for delivery. After a period of time, the system automatically deletes the spam.


When you enable BoxTrapper, it automatically whitelists any email address to which you send email, even if you disable the automatic whitelist.

BoxTrapper Configuration

To edit BoxTrapper settings, click Manage next to the account that you wish to modify. The BoxTrapper Configuration interface will appear. 

Configure BoxTrapper

To configure BoxTrapper settings, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Configure Settings.
  2. Enter any email addresses that forward mail to the account, separated by commas, in the Email addresses going to this account text box.
  3. Enter your name in the Your Name text box.
  4. Enter the number of days for which you wish to keep logs and messages in the Number of days to keep logs and messages in queue text box. 
  5. Enter the desired minimum spam score in the Minimum SpamAssassin Spam Score required to bypass BoxTrapper text box. 


    When BoxTrapper receives an email with a spam score lower than the value set in the Minimum SpamAssassin Spam Score required to bypass BoxTrapper option, it automatically delivers the message. The default value for this option is -2.5

  6. To enable or disable automatic whitelisting, select the appropriate box.


    BoxTrapper will automatically whitelist any email address to which you send a message.

  7. Select the Automatically whitelist the To and From lines from whitelisted senders (whitelist by association) checkbox to enable automatically whitelist addresses in the To and CC lines of an incoming whitelisted email. 
  8. Click Save.

Edit confirmation messages

Boxtrapper automatically responds to email with messages that the system builds from the following templates:

  • verify — Boxtrapper responds with this message when an address that is not on the whitelist or blacklist sends an email. This message requests a response to confirm that the sender is legitimate.
  • verifyreleased — Boxtrapper responds with this message when a person responds to the verify message with an email or a click on the verification link.
  • returnverify — Boxtrapper responds with this message when the verification process fails.
  • blacklist — Boxtrapper responds with this message when a blacklisted address sends an email.

Click Edit to customize the verification and blacklist message templates.

These templates use the following variables:

  • %email% — The sender's email address.
  • %fromname% — The recipient's name.
  • %subject% — The subject of the sender's email.
  • %acct% — The recipient's username.
  • %msgid% — The message ID of the sender's email.
  • %headers% — The heading information of the sender's email.
  • %if can_verify_web% and %endif% — These tags enclose a section that allows BoxTrapper to verify senders through a web link.


Do not alter verify#%msgid% in the subject line of the verify message template. Boxtrapper requires that specific code to function properly. 

To restore the default message templates, click Reset to Default.

Edit Whitelists, Blacklists, and Ignore Lists

To edit lists, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Edit Whitelists, Blacklists, and Ignore Lists. 
  2. Select the list that you want to modify. 
  3. Enter any messages, subjects, or email addresses for which you wish to filter.
  4. Click Save.

BoxTrapper lists

Every new message you receive is compared against the following three lists:

  • Whitelist messages are delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Ignore list messages are deleted without notification.
  • Blacklist messages are deleted, and the sender receives a reply that indicates that the message was blocked.

Enable BoxTrapper

To enable BoxTrapper, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Manage next to the account that you wish to modify.
  2. Click Enable.


When you enable BoxTrapper, it automatically whitelists any email address to which you send email, even if you disable the automatic whitelist.

Forward List

Enter email addresses that you wish to add to the forward list, and click Save. The system will automatically forward whitelisted emails to these addresses.

Review Log

This log is organized by day, and will show any activity for an email address that uses BoxTrapper. This can be useful if you need to isolate problems with email delivery.

Review Queue

Click Review Queue to view any BoxTrapper mail that is unverified. To deliver or delete emails, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the checkbox for the desired day.
  2. Select Delete or Whitelist & Deliver.
  3. Click Submit.

To see the contents of a message, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the email’s sender, subject, or date to see the entire message, headers, and more delivery options. For example, you can ignore or blacklist a sender.
  2. Select the option for which you wish to filter. 
  3. Click Go.
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