Creating a New Email

Now that you have a your new cPanel based web hosting, you will want to set up a new email address. Here is a guide to creating new email addresses


Accessing your cPanel

You can access your cPanel using a few different methods. You will need to know your cPanel username and password for all methods, except when using the punch through in the client area.

  1. You can access the cPanel from your Client area. Go to your Products and Services section and click on the Login to cPanel option in the Actions menu. See this guide for more information.
  2. You can access your cPanel using your domain name, if your DNS is pointing to our servers.
  3. If your DNS is not pointing to our servers, you can instead use your server name, if you know it.

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Creating an email accounts

Once you are logged into your cPanel, navigate to the Email section an click on Email Accounts. You should now see a list of all the email accounts set up on this account.

  • There will be an account created already, this is the default email account and cannot be deleted, but does not count towards your total email accounts.

You should see a button labeled +Create on the right-hand side. Click this button to begin creating the email account.

You should now have many fields to complete to create the account.

  • Domain: choose which domain you would like to use for this account (if you have more then one domain managed by this account)
  • Username: the name of the mailbox (the part before the '@' symbol), you do not need to enter the domain name, cPanel will add it for you
  • Password: You have an option to either set a password for the account, or send and email to an alternate email address that will allow the user to set their own Password
    • If you decide to set the password, you will be asked to enter it here.
    • The system grades the password that you enter on a scale of 100 points. 0 indicates a weak password, while 100 indicates a very secure password.
    • A green password Strength meter indicates that the password is equal to or greater than the required password strength.
    • Click Password Generator to generate a strong password. Be sure to copy it download
  • Optional Settings: clicking Edit Settings will open the Optional Settings Sections
    • Storage Space: here you can set the quota for the email account, or set it to Unlimited. Note that even when set to Unlimited, you are still constrained by the disk space allotment for you entire accounts
    • Automatically Create Folders for Plus Addressing: this will determine whether Plus Addressing will automatically create new folders (click here for more information on Plus Addressing)
    • Send a welcome email with instructions to set up a mail client: check this to send an email to the new account with the mail client settings
  • Stay on this page after I click Create: check this if you are creating several accounts

Once you have all of these settings entered correctly, click +Create to create the new account.

Congratulations!! You now have an email address!

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Setting you email account up on a mail client

Now that you have your new email account, you probably want to set it up on your computer or mobile devices. It just so happens that we have guides to help you.

Check out this section for guides on setting up your email accounts.

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If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out to our support staff by putting in a ticket.

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